An interview with
author Lorne Kent

Four-star review of
The Point of Murder

Released – August 2022.
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A gripping crime thriller about murder, bomb plots, an egotistical hero disobeying orders and an equally egotistical serial killer.

Detective Inspector Brian Golding of the Ottawa Police Service Homicide Unit uses his wits, his team of Detective Sergeants and Constables and a plethora of modern technologies to solve a baffling case of murder on his patch.

A Russian airliner is forced down over Poland due to terrorists targeting it with SAM missiles. And just who are those Polish Police officers interviewing a detained passenger in Gdańsk?

The villain is a hired assassin who has his own agenda of pursuing and eliminating his junior school bullies who kicked and taunted him all those years ago. Born to a drunken, violent father and a mother who left when he was nine years old, he grew to be an evil and vindictive, yet highly intelligent and inventive serial killer.

Murders occur in the Ottawa, Ontario, Canada region and as far away as Warsaw, Poland. DI Brian Golding is almost killed himself during the final takedown of the villain and undergoes a long recovery.

Suspects abound everywhere. Is it the Russian FSB, competing bioscience companies or a bent Minister?

“Lorne Kent grabs your attention and does not let go!”
— Marc Soucy, Retired Ottawa Police Service Officer.

Fans of James Patterson and Mike Omer will love THE POINT OF MURDER by Lorne Kent. A great gift for any crime fiction lover.