Who and where are we?

Blue Skies Publishing is a husband and wife team, David and Sandra Harrison, in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada’s national capital. We author and self-publish crime mysteries and thrillers based around our fictional hero, Detective Inspector Brian Golding of the Ottawa Police Service Homicide Unit.

David is the main author, while Sandra does editing, research, some writing and provides input to the visual design aspects of both the books and our website. David does the self-publishing using Amazon KDP (Kindle Direct Publishing) for both paperback and eBook production and distribution, and Kobo Writing Life and Barnes & Noble Press for further eBook distribution. Hardback books and distribution to book retailers and libraries globally is handled by IngramSpark.

Why are we called Blue Skies Publishing?

Blue Skies evoke feelings of calm, peace and relaxation, which is how we operate in our daily lives. Blue calls to mind feelings of calmness or serenity. It is often described as peaceful, tranquil, secure, and orderly. Blue is often seen as a sign of stability and reliability. These feelings strongly reflect how we operate in our writing and publishing activities.

The values of security and orderliness, stability and reliability are also reflected in our main hero character, Detective Inspector Brian Golding who, in many ways, also reflects David’s own values and beliefs.

Both David and Sandra love being out in unspoiled nature and walking through woodlands and forests and being by the riverside or lakeside. The image on our website has a misty forest by the water with sunny Blue Skies and wispy clouds. The mysterious woods reflect the opening chapter of our debut novel where a waterside murder takes place early on a misty, but otherwise sunny, summer day.

Why publish crime fiction?

Both David and Sandra are voracious readers of crime novels, amongst other genres, and have been for more than 25 years. David also likes to watch TV Detective series. Now into his retirement, after a long career in electronics and software engineering, David wanted to do something completely different and, in the summer of 2021 started to write his first work of fiction, Lorne Kent’s THE POINT OF MURDER. Just over a year later, in August 2022, his debut novel was published on Amazon, Kobo and Barnes and Noble.

Our Values and Beliefs

  • Treat everyone with the respect and dignity that we, ourselves, would like to be offered, regardless of age, race, religion, sexual orientation or social status.
  • Respect and care for nature and the environment. We always take our litter home with us and try to use reusable packaging wherever possible.
  • Do the very best, most careful job we can in our publishing business and offer the highest quality novels and the best possible retail outlets.