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Here you will find information about one of Ottawa, Canada’s newest crime fiction authors, David Lorne Harrison, writing as Lorne Kent. David is a retired electronic and software engineer and having had a long career in Ottawa and the U.K., he wanted to do something completely different in his retirement years. He is an avid reader of crime mysteries from many famous authors such as Agatha Christie, Louise Penny, James Patterson, Margaret Truman, Ragnar Jónasson, and many others.

David has published his debut novel – THE POINT OF MURDER, which is the first in a series of novels featuring fictional Detective Inspector Brian Golding. Inspector Golding uses his own wits as a twenty-five-year veteran of the Ottawa Police Service and, with help from his trusty team of Detective Sergeants and Detective Constables, solves the most baffling and complex case of his career. The investigation features the very latest in forensic and DNA technologies and modern communications to help the team solve the case. Meanwhile, the villain uses his own arsenal of high-tech and not-so-high-tech skills to go on a murderous rampage across Canada and Europe.

THE POINT OF MURDER draws much of its inspiration from current events and world concerns such as the environment, global warming and the recognition of our Indigenous Peoples. David’s character of Detective Inspector Brian Golding reflects many of David’s own beliefs and passions, so read THE POINT OF MURDER to find out what makes Brian Golding and David tick!